Friday, October 16, 2009

ThanksgivingTrip - Around the farm

On our third day at the farm I woke up and was greeted by sunshine and blue skies. Oh joy! While my morning coffee dripped into the pot, I stood at the kitchen door and took this shot of the back yard...
and this shot of the side yard. Looks like a glorious morning huh?
I couldn't resist a few more shots...
of the back yard. What a vista right outside my kitchen window.

After breakfast we set off on a hike around the property. First stop was the New Bridge to take a pic of the river reflecting the beauty of the day.
Then another shot of the river taken from deeper in the woods. The Riverside Ramble Trail takes us right along the shoreline, and we made many stops along the way to enjoy the view of the river at each lookout spot.
I took lots of pictures at each spot.
When we left the Riverside Ramble Trail, we walked along on a thick carpet of leaves covering the North Boundary Line. Crunch, scrunch, skrinch. I do love the sound of crispy leaves crackling underfoot.
We soon came to the junction of the North Boundary Line Trail and The Old Logging Road. We took this path back to the farmhouse, and underfoot was a mixture of crispy leaves and mossy carpet. What an awesome walk.
After lunch we got in the car and drove along country roads to see what else Mother Nature had decorated for us. Winter's Bay Road was all decked out in its autumn finery...
and was positively aglow.
Our spirits were also aglow after our very colourful day. Hope you had a weekend full of colour and warm family times too.


Bernie said...

Oh what lovely photo's, sounds like such a wonderful day...Hugs

Diana said...

Beautiful photos Cuppa, what a glorious autumn day.
Love Di

Cuppa said...

Bernie - Walks along the trails at the farm in the fall are fabulous. There are no bugs, the brush is thinning out so we can see the river at more vantage points, crunching leaves underfoot is so much fun, and when we return to the warm farmhouse after a cold walk, it is so nice to be greeted with the aroma of baked apples in the oven, or turkey and all the trimmings about ready to be set out for the feast. Mmmm, I can almost smell it all again just thinking about it. Simply delicious!

Diana - We did have glorious weather and that made it so nice for our hikes around the property. There are about 120 acres for us to explore, and most of it is forested, so we have great fun walking the trails. Ah Riverwood, it is a little piece of heaven on earth.