Friday, October 02, 2009

Day 2 - Afternoon Stroll in Stanley Park

After breakfast, the girls went off to school so AC and I were on our own to go exploring in Stanley Park. Yahoo! First we stopped at a local grocery store to get fixin's for a picnic lunch and then we set off for the park.

This was the view straight ahead of us when we sat on our park bench, munching on lunch. I think the view was more delicious than the food.
To our right we could see the mountains...
and to the left we looked back at the area where the girls apt building was.
Yes, I am sitting in Stanley Park, but just at the entrance of it. As you can see, the girl's apt building is not far away.
We walked mostly along the seawall right beside the water,
and came across beaches like this along the way,
but also went further inland and walked through cool forested areas too. Here I am enjoying a drink of water at a delightful rest area along one of the interior trails.
This huge tree was just behind me.
AC took my pic beside one of the tree trunks along the path to give you an idea of the size of these trees. Huge huh?
One kind hiker we met along the path asked us if we would like her to take our pic together. Wasn't that nice of her?


Diana said...

Beautiful stroll, and those tree's were awesome! It sounded like a nice day to spend alone together Cuppa!
Love Di

Cuppa said...

Diana - yep that's the word for them "awesome", totally totally awesome. Mother Nature does do some spectacular work!