Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Day 5 - Quiet day, Fabulous night.

AC and I had been going at a pretty fair clip, so we needed a quiet morning to catch our breath, re-group, and tend to things like laundry. Around noon we headed to the beach and claimed our spot on our favorite bench at English Bay. Here we have my view to the right...
View to the left...
and straight ahead. As you can see, we had glorious weather for the whole trip. Blue skies and sunshine EVERY day! What a treat after our very rainy visit two years ago.
This is a shot looking back at the bench for the water's edge. This is the tree that the heron perched in on our first morning of the visit.
We enjoyed a relaxing early afternoon there, then set off to do a bit of shopping before we met the A Team for supper and an exciting evening to follow. Before I tell you where we went for our evening activity, let me see if you can guess what this building is. Below is a shot taken from the front door, looking up at the glass ceiling.
AC took this shot of us waiting to go downstairs and find the proper room for our event.
We found the room, but we were very early, so we had time to head for a coffee at the Starbucks located inside the building.
Can you guess where we were? Well you are right if you guessed the public library!!!! Yes, the LIBRARY! I thought I had died and gone to heaven. What a magnificent, fabulous, wonderful building. All the books are in the glassed-in area to the left in this picture, and the stores and coffee shops are on the right. Yes, stores and coffee shops IN the library. Auditoriums for lectures and such are in the basement.

We were there that evening to attend an inaugural reading by Ivan E. Coyote, Vancouver public library's writer-in-residence. She was one wonderful storyteller. She has us laughing one minute, on the verge of tears the next, and pondering life and truth at the end of each story. Wow, wow, wow, is all I have to say. This was a highlight of the whole trip for me.


Diana said...

Wow is right Cuppa! I can't believe that was a library! What a neat place. Sounds like a terrific trip!
Love Di

Anonymous said...

I second that. What a library. I could spend all day in there. Breakfast lunch and anything else.

Bernie said...

Hi Cuppa, am just back from a few days away and am trying to catch up, I knew I would see some beautiful photo's when I got to your post and I was not disappointed. Love the libray and I too would of enjoyed the reading, I love anything along those lines......:-) Hugs

Cuppa said...

Diana - I know! I loooved the library.

Qmmm - I could spend a lot of time there too. Fresh coffee, a book that I could read there and take home for free - how fabulous!

Bernie - Welcome back. We are just about to set off again - a Thanksgiving trip to Riverwood. We will only be gone a week this time, but the suitcases must be packed again. Sigh! A very slow internet connection up there too, so I won't be posting for a bit. I will try to pre-post a few blogs for you to enjoy while we are gone. "See" you when we get back.