Friday, October 09, 2009

Wine Country

Day 8 was a quiet one to do laundry, wash hair, and prepare for our trip to the Okanagan for a wine tour.

Day 9 dawned sunny and clear for our trip to wine country. AC and D2 went to pick up the rental car while D3 and I finished packing and tidying up. We were on the road by 10am and ready for an adventure. D2 was the first one to take a turn at the wheel of the rental car.
The traffic was a bit heavy on the first leg of the journey, but D3 handled the car like a pro and we were soon...
deep in the mountains. All of these pics were taken from the car window as we zoomed along, and most of them turned out just fine. The scenery was breathtaking all along the way.
The day started out a bit hazy, but clear blue skies soon graced us for our travels.
and I were back seat passengers...
while D2 drove and AC took pictures.
It was the MOST beautiful drive.
By noon we were in Hope BC and had to stop and take a few silly pictures at the tourist information center there. Here we see D2 and AC riding the rapids!
After that harrowing ride it was time for lunch and a look at the maps.
Little did we know that we had lunch at the Headquarters for the Flat Earth Society.
Hope BC is also known for its chain-saw carvings. Yes, all the carvings you see in the next few pics were done with a chain-saw. I have no idea how they can do such detailed carvings with a chain-saw. Amazing. After AC posed with this carving outside the restaurant...
we walked to the city center to see more carvings on display there. Mountains, mountains, mountains all around us. Spectacular.
Here is another carving at the view-point overlooking the Fraser River.

It was a very windy day, and D2 thought she might be able to take flight in her special Batman jacket.
Here is a family of Hobbits with Gandalf!
Cute little Hobbits aren't they? This picture makes me laugh every time I see it. It is going on my Happy Wall for sure!

More photos to come tomorrow.....

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Bernie said...

What fun, I have been there and it brought back wonderful memories of a trip I shared with my late husband. The mountains are beautiful wherever one sees them aren't they......:-) Hugs