Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Dinner 2012

While the rest of the house slept, Danica, Buppa and I set the table, and got Christmas dinner ready.  We hoped that everyone would wake up from their naps, and be feeling better.
Danica spent time making place cards for the dinner table
Then helped me set the table.
When the rest of the family got up from their naps. Danica and JJ helped light the Advent Candles.

Then we all gathered round the table for the feast. 
Buppa and his favorite girl sat beside each other.
After dinner it was time to write in the memory journal.  Danica did her note at the table...

...but Amma and JJ waited until coffee was served in the living room.  Here I am helping JJ write his note.
Danica helped me write mine.....

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