Monday, December 24, 2012

Helping make Mommy's BD dinner

After we got home from the school Christmas recital, it was time to get busy in the kitchen, and make Mommy's BD dinner. 
The first rule in Amma's kitchen is to clear your work surface before you begin any project
Danica gladly helped with the dishes
Then she moved to the other counter and helped Buppa with the meal.
They are a good team in the kitchen.
Of course she had to stop for a snuggle with Amma...
...then it was back into the kitchen to help with the next step in dinner preparation.  The rascal thought it was funny to snatch some of the shredded cheese and have a little snack, instead of sprinkling it on the casserole.
Whew, all that work makes a girl tired.  Time for a rest.
Maybe a Hersey's kiss eaten in the memory corner would be just the ticket to restore some energy.
Yes, that did the trick.  Time to dance with Amma while the dinner cooks.
A close inspection of Great-grandma Mary's silver chest is called for and the table was set.
Now a snuggle with Buppa is called for before the party begins.


Anvilcloud said...

The picture of thou and her is so cute. (I think you should ditch the captcha.)

Cuppa said...

If I knew what it was, and where it was....I would

Bernie said...

Merry Christmas Sue, xo
11 acyciala