Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The BD dinner

The dinner was all ready, Mommy and Daddy picked JJ up at daycare, and we all gathered round the kitchen table for the BD dinner.

The munchkin was very excited about the gift she received...
...a Christmas ear-cuff.
Mommy got one too.
Even Amma got in on the act.  We all looked very sparkly and Christmassy.
Mommy got a  Pandora bracelet to mark her 40th year. 
I think the best gifts were the handmade snowflakes and cards from the kids though.

Danica could hardly contain her excitement...
...JJ too.

A bauble for Mommy from Amma's jewellery collection
Then it was time for the cake...an ice cream chocolate blizzard cake...Yum!
Of course help was needed with the candles.
Then it was time to gather in the living room for a Christmas story.

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