Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Christmas Concert - December 20

It was Danica's school Christmas Concert on the 20th, so Mommy and Daddy took the morning off work, and we all gathered in the school auditorium for the big event. It was very crowded, and the excitement in the room was high.  What fun!

It was an extra special day for us, as we were also celebrating Daughter Number 1's 40th BD.   I could hardly believe that 40 years had passed since our Christmas baby's birth.  She loves to celebrate Christmas more than anyone I know. 
Danica is only 5 years old, yet she is a brilliant reader, and was chosen to read the introductory remarks for the concert. 
She did an excellent job along with her older schoolmate.
I think she might be looking for us in the audience at this point.
After the introduction, she joined her classmates for their Christmas around the world parade.
She is still looking for us, but hasn't seen us yet, even though we were right in front of her at this point.
After the main production in the auditorium we were all invited back to her classroom for another presentation.
Danica was beyond excited to see us.
She jumped up and down and clapped her hands.
After their performance, the kids could join their parents and indulge in a snack...
and a hug or two.
She actually had a quiet moment...
...and then posed for a picture before we signed her out for the day, and took her out for lunch.

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