Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas open house at dance class.

JJ waited with Daddy and Amma, for the dance class to begin.

Danica was in high spirits.
She eyed the goodie table before class, but kept her little hands behind her back because she knew she couldn't have any until after class.
She flashed us a big smile each time she circled the room with her class.
She even added a wave or two.
What joy and enthusiasm
She did concentrate from time to time too.
You have to get your fingers just right when Highland dancing.
Hands ready...
and toes pointed just so.
Time to stretch...
...and then do it again.
Line up with the rest of the class...
...get your smile ready...
....and dance!

It was a joyous and energetic class to say the least.   I'll post some of her tap and jazz class tomorrow.

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