Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas afternoon 2012

Not much went on all afternoon.  We spent a lot of time trying to keep JJ's temp down, and once it started to descend a bit, everyone went to lie down for a while and rest a bit.  JJ and Mommy fell into a deep sleep and didn't get up until dinner time.  Daddy couldn't sleep but at least he had a rest.  Amma and Buppa tried to have a rest, but Danica was feeling just fine thank-you very much, and she was up and about and wanted into everything.

I finally gave up, and played a game of Hungry Hippos with her.  Buppa was not far behind me, and helped Danica make place cards for the dinner table.  They then came upstairs and helped me set the table, and start dinner. 
Buppa relaxing in the front room, whilst waiting to help me with dinner.
I helped Danica get dressed and get all her finery on. She looks lovely doesn't she?
I think she is quite pleased with all the bling.
We are trying to get a good picture of the ear-cuff I made her for Christmas.  It is quite dangly and sparkly, and just the ticket to go with her new tiara.
JJ got up just before dinner, and his fever had broken.  He was nice and cool, even if a bit groggy from his afternoon nap.  He posed for this picture with sister, before he joined us at the table for a feast of toast for dinner. 

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