Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Better late than never...

I fully intended to post a blog first thing yesterday morning, but....our area was throw an icy curve ball, and all the school buses were cancelled.  So.....we had two munchkins for the whole day, and I was kept dancing as fast as I could keeping them busy.

We worked on our Christmas card lists first thing in the morning, and Danica really got into it.  She made cards for all her little friends at Sparks, and started on a list of other cards to do after she gets home from school today.  JJ soon lost interest and was off playing with his Power Rangers after about 5 minutes. 
She made lists, and only asked for help with spelling a couple of times.  Amazing for a 5 year old.
Then it was outside to help Buppa shovel snow.
JJ spent a lot of time "skating" on the ice, but eventually picked up a shovel to help.
Then it was inside for hot chocolate and cookies.  We lit the Christmas candle and made a memory.
More pictures of the afternoon activities to follow tomorrow.  Stay tuned....

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