Thursday, December 27, 2012

Not the healthiest Christmas ever!

Danica was fighting a nasty cough during the last week of school, but didn't have a fever or runny nose, so went to school every day, and was able to participate in her school concert.  By Friday evening JJ was coughing too, Mommy then chimed in on Saturday, and Buppa joined the chorus on Sunday.  By Monday, Daddy and I were still healthy, but Daddy had to go out on an emergency call on Monday, and when he got home at supper time, just in time for our Christmas Eve festivities to begin, he was falling prey to the nasty bug.  Amma was still on her feet, but people were falling sick all around me.

Shauna had the turkey cooked, the veggie casseroles made, and Christmas Eve munchies ready to serve.  Cough meds, and cold remedies were taken, and we soldiered on with the party as best we could.  I will post pictures of those festivities tomorrow,  and you will see that we had a fun and fabulous time Christmas Eve and Christmas morning in spite of the battle on our hands.  But by noon on Christmas Day,  things were getting very serious, especially with JJ. 
Here is a picture taken of the kids first thing on Christmas morning.  JJ is trying valiantly to smile and enter into the fun, but he is NOT feeling good.  He was up most of the night coughing, and said his whole body hurt.  Poor kid!
Tylenol and cough meds soon kicked in, and he was able to enjoy opening his gifts.  He was in for a battle though.  Later that day his temp rose to 104.7, and we were on the verge of taking him to the ER.  I remember a time when his Mommy was about his age, that we had to do just that, and they put her in an ice bath. 
We gave him more meds, kept taking his temp, and put ice packs on his neck and wrists.  His temp started to come down, so we kept doing what we were doing, and watched him closely. 
His temp went up and down for the rest of the day, but didn't hit 104.7 again.  At one point he wanted to play with his Power Rangers that he got from Santa, but was too sick to do even that.  We put them in a box beside him, and he seemed happy with that.
He was also feeling sick to his stomach, so he sat on the couch with an ice pack on his head, and a bowl on his lap.
What a miserable way to spend Christmas Day.
By Christmas night, Daddy had fallen ill to the same bug, and was soon off to bed with a puke bowl close at hand.  

We set off for home shortly after this picture was taken.  Danica and I were still on our feet, but the rest of the family was down for the count.  Buppa spent a restless night coughing and spluttering; JJ's temp continued to rise and fall, so was on constant meds; he then had a terrible nose bleed that made quite a mess, and kept Mommy busy with that while Daddy was out of commission in bed.

I was still on my feet when we got home, but was beyond tired, as Danica and I were the only ones functioning for most of the day, and between us we got Christmas dinner on the table.  Surprisingly enough, everyone was able to gather around the table at dinner time, light the advent candle, and taste a mouthful or two of food, before crying uncle, and giving up on the festivities.  No games were played, or movies watched.  Daddy went to bed, Buppa and I packed up and headed for home, and Mommy did her best to monitor JJ and get Danica to bed before she collapsed into hers.    I took some ColdFX as soon as I got home, in the hopes that it would help me fight the nasty bug felling everyone around me, and I went to bed. 

Yessireeee....not the healthiest Christmas ever.  We still made rather merry though, and I will post pictures to prove it...after I have a nap.


Jinksy said...

Oh, dear! It seems to be a universal bug - many of my friends and relations were similarly suffering - but I do hope you are all feeling much better by now! I wish you a very happy and healthy (!) New Year when it arrives...

Cuppa said...

Jinksy - Thanks for the hello and warm wishes. It's always nice to hear from you across the miles.
This nasty bug sure made his mark this year, but happy memories were made nonetheless.
Warm and healthy wishes are winging there way to you for the NY too.