Friday, December 14, 2012

Reading and Dancing

Mornings are not dull at our house these days.  We insist that the kids start the day with a TV.  JJ has a story with Buppa before his quiet rest time at noon, so he can choose to do something else during morning story time if he wishes to.  Here we see him choosing to read his own story while Buppa reads to Danica before she heads out to catch the bus.

This book belonged to Auntie Allyson, and it it one of JJ's favorites.
It has lots of stick puppets...
...and pop-up stages for the puppets to frolic in.
After story time it is time to get up and dance.
And dance they do...
with great enthusiasm and feeling.
Then when sister heads out to the door to catch the bus, JJ goes back to his books.

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