Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas fun at the Mill of Kintail

It was a cold but sunshine filled day on Saturday, and we headed for the Mill of Kintail Christmas party.  It was a long walk in from the parking lot, but we knew that Santa awaited us at the Museum at the end the end of the road.
I don't know if I am way ahead of everyone else, or AC is way behind.  At any rate he got this great picture of our approach to the museum.

First of all, we had to stop for a picture with Santa.

Things were warm and festive inside the museum,and very welcome after our cold walk in. In the pic below we are heading into the music room for story time, music and dancing.
Once inside, we found our seats and enjoyed the delightful fiddle music and story time. 
Of course Danica had to get up and dance.
At the end of the day we gathered round the bonfire to await a wagon ride back to the parking area.  It was at the end of the day so the fire had died down, but the embers threw off a lot of heat.  MMMMM, toasty!
While we waited, Danica and I worked on her scavenger hunt list.
At the end of the wagon ride we discovered crafts for the kids in the Gate House.  We stopped so the kids could make an angel out of coffee filters and cotton balls.
Family Fun at the entrance to the Mill of Kintail.
We had a totally fabulous day.

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