Thursday, January 03, 2013

This and That

2013 has arrived, but our health hasn't.  Sigh!  We are still moving rather slowly towards that goal after fighting a battle royal with cold and cough germs over Christmas,  so we didn't ring in the new year with any wild parties.   As a matter of fact, we were snugly tucked into our beds well before midnight on the 31st.   We did go over to the kid's place early in the evening, and played a wild game of Bingo with the munchkins, but that was about it.  I'll post pics of that raucous party later in the week.  For the time being,  let me share a picture of the Angel Choir I got from the kids for Christmas.  Makes such a nice addition to my Christmas decorations for next year. 
Each angel sings and plays an instrument, and they all join in together and harmonize whenever a song is started. 
We had a mighty snowfall during the holiday.  Made for a lovely white Christmas. 
Our little tree made a nice reflection in the snow outside the window.
The decals I have on the patio door fit right in with the wintry scene.

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