Friday, January 04, 2013

Wow...sure was cold outside...

Holidays are over,and both kids were at our house on Wednesday.  It was a fabulous sunny day, so we thought we would get them outside for a little while to burn off some energy.  We started by shoveling the light dusting of snow off the driveway. 
Look at that beautiful blue sky. Nothing quite like it on a cold clear day in January.

The shovels were soon put away, and the small red slider was brought out of the garage,
Buppa and I kept an eye on the traffic while the kids slid down the snow pile at the front of the house. It was -27 and the wind was brisk, so we soon came inside for hot chocolate.
Look at those rosy cheeks, and we weren't out for very long.
Counting marshmallows to add to the hot chocolate.
Stirring the chocolate before taking it to the table.

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