Thursday, January 17, 2013

Puddle Walk

We have had a ton of rain these past few days, so lots of our snow has melted, making the bare sidewalks visible and safe for walking once again - yahoo!  Lots of puddles called us out for a walk the other day, and JJ was very happy about that.  . 
He stopped often to ponder big chunks of snow, to see if he could kick them along on the walk.
We helped him find lots of suitable ones, and he kicked them until they were just little chunks like this one.
Kicking the snow-balls was fun, but the puddles were the real treat.
He splashed his way through every one along the way and had a grand time.  He did lag behind quite a bit though.  Buppa is almost out of the picture he is getting so far ahead of us at this point in the walk.
JJ ran to catch up, and I wasn't far behind.

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