Monday, January 14, 2013

Story Hour at the library with JJ

Story hour at the library with JJ was lots of fun last week.
The letter of the day was "M", and JJ was ready with lots of words that started with the letter M.  He is in the red shirt, with his hand raised high in the air. 
Then it was time to do lots of tricks with sticks, and he was ready for the action.
Time for another story...
...and he listened intently.
He got dutifully in line for a march through the Children's library.
Then it was time to make a craft. 
He proudly wore the crown he made during craft time, and  enjoyed playing with other kids in the library after the story hour.
He happily wore his crown to Tim's when we went there for a snack after Story hour.  MMMM, his gingerbread cookie was delicious.  Danica eats the head (the area with all the icing)  last, JJ eats his first.  Hmmmm, I think I would eat the head last too.  How about you, a first or last person?

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