Monday, January 07, 2013

New Year's Eve Celebrations

To celebrate the arrival of the new year, we joined the munchkins for a little party early in the evening on the 31st.  As you can see from the first two pics below, JJ and Danica were all ready to party!
Scary monster...
...and his sister the Rock Star.
The kids made special treats for the party.  Here we see JJ with the plate of goodies he decorated.
...and here are Danica's creations.  They were all beautiful and delicious.
Then we went down to the family room for a raucous game of Bingo
For one of the games Buppa and JJ were the callers.
Then JJ and Daddy did the job.  JJ liked to work the machine that popped out the numbers.  So he helped whoever was doing the calling rather than play a game with a card.
At the end of the evening, Amma  became the big green monster...
Then gave the job back to JJ.
In spite of the coughs and cold still plaguing us, we had a fun evening and welcomed in the New Year as best we could.  We did it early however, and were all in bed well before the magic hour.

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