Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sleep over

We had Danica here for a sleepover Friday night,and it started out just fine.  
Once she was all ready for bed, it was story time.  She snuggled up on the couch with Buppa...
...and enjoyed hearing all about the adventures of Amelia Bedelia.

Danica sleeps in the big bed with Amma, and Buppa is relegated to the guest room for the night.   We settled down around 8:30, and Danica said her tummy was sore.  This happens regularly at home, so I didn't think anything of it.  I gave her a hot water bottle, and we snuggled down under the blankets for a long winter nap.

I was sleeping soundly around midnight when I heard a little voice telling me she needed a puke bowl.  I jumped out of bed, grabbed the garbage can next to the bed, and handed it to her while I went in search of the puke bowl.  I got it to her just in time for the first wave.  She expertly hit the target,  but she was mostly on her back, and I wanted her to sit up so she wouldn't choke.  I tried to hold the can, while maneuvering her to the side of the bed so she could bend over the can more comfortably.  This was no easy task, as she was in the middle our king size bed, and had quite a distance to travel while retching and gulping.   During this maneuver  she missed the bucket with the second wave of vomit, and got the bed, the carpet, my nightgown and her jammies.  Groan.  What a mess.

All the ruckus woke AC in the guest room, and he came to help calm her down, and clean up the mess.  By 1AM her tummy seemed to be settled, so we moved to the guest room, as I had to strip the bed right down including the mattress cover.  I  put the sheets in the wash, and joined Dani in the guest room. AC said he would sleep in his easy chair in the den, as he does this lots of nights anyway. 

Danica was soon asleep again, but I could not get back to dreamland.  Every time she moved I thought I might have to jump up for the puke bowl again.   It was right beside her, but I wanted to make sure she got to it in time.  I think I finally drifted off to sleep around 3am, but at 3:30 a little voice woke me up again asking for the puke bowl.  She expertly grabbed it and hit it beautifully.  What a trooper.

I cleaned her up as best I could, found some Gravol in the medicine cabinet, and gave her a quarter of an adult tablet.  She once again settled down, so we tried to go back to sleep.  It was not to be.  A little after 4 am another wave hit, and this time she missed the bowl completely.  Spraying me, all the guest room bedding, the floor.....everything in sight.  At this point I was running out of beds, clothing and energy.   What a night.

I found some dry clothes for both of us, put towels down on the bed to cover up the damp spots on the mattress,  scrounged up a couple of baby blankets to put together for her, and an old afghan for me...and we went back to bed.  I was going on fumes by this time, and around 6am fell asleep.

We were all up again at 7 though, as morning dawned, and found Danica feeling tired, but much better now that her tummy stopped heaving.  It was morning, and she wanted to be up and at'em. Me? Not so much!  I was not so sure her tummy was settled, so allowed her to have water and toast only, and kept her fairly quiet for the rest of the morning.  She wanted to go to dance class as planned, but the kibosh was put on that idea in a hurry. 

Needless to say it was not the best sleepover ever, but we all survived, and now I have totally clean beds from top to bottom.  Took me two days to get through all the laundry though. 

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