Thursday, November 19, 2009

Play or Work?

Jboy loves to check out everything his big sister does. Cute huh? Notice the small space that they are both playing in. Good grief! They have the option of the whole room but they both choose the tiny space between the table with a sharp corner and the chair by the window. Crazy kids! They both go to this spot over and over again! What's with that?
Smudge has two big baskets full of toys at her disposal, but what does she choose to play with for quite a while? A glass full of hair elastics. She took them all out, put them all in, took them all out, arranged them on the table, put them all back in the glass, and...on and on and on she repeated these steps. The concentration was fierce too. She had important work to do arranging those elastics and she was bound and determined to do a good job.


Bernie said...

Precious......:-) Hugs

Lorna said...

I want a job like Smudge's

Cuppa said...

Bernie - I agree.

Lorna - I think I could handle a job like that too.