Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Coming out from under

I am eventually coming out from under, and feel like I just might survive this nasty, nasty bug. It's a doozy for sure.

Thanks for all the well wishes guys. I am moving in the right direction and should be back soon. I spent more time out of bed than in today, so that is a real improvement.

I must toddle off to bed now, but will talk to you again soon.


Mary said...

Feel better soon!!

Thinking about you.

Bernie said...

Take care and rest....:-) hugs

Jinksy said...

Don't try and do too much too soon - pampering, that's what this doctor orders, and lots of TLC from anyone you can get to give it you! :) I wish you well - literally!

Lorna said...

Wise advice from Bernie and Jinksy. Mine would have been the same with the caveat that you have a goal of being well enough to slather on the glitter before the girls come home

Cuppa said...

Mary - thanks.

Bernie - I sure have been doing a LOT of resting.

Jinksy - Ah, pampering, that's the ticket.

Lorna - Good idea. Glitter, that's what I need. The girl's always bring their own special brightness into the house when they visit, so all I need to do is slather on the glitter, then sit peacefully and reflect the glow.