Friday, November 13, 2009

Fresh Air and Sunshine

After a busy day of housecleaning it was time to go out to catch a few rays of sunshine before it was too late. Smudge was more than happy to join us for a walk in the woods...
and even helped push Amma on the swings.
I loved it, and I think Smudge thought it was great fun too.
Then it was time to put Buppa through his paces. She wanted to be lifted up, over and over and over again to touch the basket ball hoop. Poor Buppa was worn out by the time we dragged her away from that activity.
Next time we should bring a ladder!

She was still a little Miss Whiny McWhinerson today, but had fun at the park with us, and that gave Mommy a little break too. Now it is time to move onward and forward into the weekend and hope that by next week she is feeling better and is Little Miss Sunshine again.


Lorna said...

Have a wonderful weekend1 If only we could all have had breakfast together at 5:30 while the rest of the world was snoozing.

Bernie said...

So glad to smudge in the park, made me smile to see you on the swing with her pushing....:-) Hugs