Monday, November 02, 2009

Precious Lives

We went over to visit the kids the other day and found Smudge less than her bundle-of- energy self. She wasn't sick, but wanted Buppa to dance with her, and in no time at all she was sound asleep on his shoulder.
Jboy was in fine form and wasn't sleepy at all. He thought he would give sister's hat and whirl and decided he quite liked the look.
I liked it too. How about you?

Our area is in a bit of an uproar over the Swine flu vaccines and the way the clinics are being handled. The papers are full of stories and pictures every morning of the long lines at the clinics, and the long waits, but the urgent need for kids Smudge and Jboy's age to be vaccinated. Groan! There is going to be a clinic in our area tomorrow, and seeing as Smudge and Jboy are on the high priority list for the vaccines, Buppa and I are going to go line up at 6am for a clinic that opens at 11am. We hope to at least get near enough to the front of the line to get the kids on the list for a shot tomorrow. Mommy and Daddy feel that it is important that the kids get the shot, but neither can line up for hours and hours and hours. Buppa and I will step into the gap and do what we can. I'll let you know tomorrow how we make out.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love it when I can help out the working moms and dads. They are so lucky to have the two of you. If you are like me any excuse to spent time with the grands is good for me.

Lorna said...

My sources tell me that it was just an excuse for an excursion to Timmy's and ingestion of that delicious but calorie-and-fat-laden breakfast sandwich. I try not to go near Tim's until after 11, myself.

Cuppa said...

QMMM - It does warm one's heart to help out that is for sure.

Lorna - I know, I am shameless! Any excuse to go to Tim's and especially early enough for a delicious smackeral of breakfast sandwich. Yum!

Bernie said...

I do hope they were able to get their shots and how good you two were go and get in line for them, we are having similar problems in Alberta, we need to get the high risk done ones first but everyone is pushing ahead of them, I'll never understand how they can do this.....a real mess here cuppa,
......:-) Hugs

Diana said...

Those two are too sweet Cuppa! The shot situation here is horrible. Katie is supposed to get one on the 9th. That's the soonest we can get it and we don't even know if they'll have enough.
Love Di

Cuppa said...

Bernie - we did get a spot right at the front of the line, and both kids got their shots. Well, part one anyway. They have to go back in three weeks for the booster shot.

I don't know why they don't have something at the doctor's offices for some people needing the shot. The man in front of me was a heart transplant recipient and he feared for his life. He had no immune system at all because of the anti-rejection drugs he was taking and he and all his family HAD to have this shot. No special treatment for him though. He had to line up with the masses and hope to get a vaccine. That didn't seem right to me.

Diana - I hope some wrinkles in the system are worked out by the 9th, and it is smooth sailing for Katie to get her shot.