Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Great shots

I didn't know what else to call this blog but "Great Shots" because they are!

Ever since Smudge and Jboy had their flu shots last week, Smudge has not been herself. First of all she had a fever, and when that broke, she became "Whiney McWhinerson" as her Mommy called her the other day. The old sparkle has not been in her eyes, and she is just not her happy self. We went over the other day to sit with the kids while Mommy went out for a little break from Miss W McW. I tried to read Smudge a story, but instead of looking at the pictures she put her head right down on a "touch-and-feel" part of the page and pressed her ear into a bear's furry belly. The poor little mite.
Here she is all snuggled up on my lap getting a back rub. That made her smile!
She did get down eventually and played with Jboy. The smile had gone though.
I think she is telling her brother all her troubles here, and he is listening patiently. Or maybe he is sharing a secret with her, and she is the listening one. Whatever, I think this is the start of a long and loving relationship between brother and sister.
Don't you just love these shots? Great job AC!

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Bernie said...

Yes, I just love these shots and hope Smudge feels better real soon.
.....:-) Hugs