Monday, November 09, 2009


Don't know if you can see it in this pic below or not, but we had our first snowfall the other day. Just a light dusting, but it was snow nonetheless. Brrrr!
By that evening though, the snow clouds had cleared and we were treated to the most marvelous sunset. AC captured this view of it through the bedroom curtains. Pretty great shot huh?
Coming home from the kid's house the other night this view of our favorite park caught our eye. The trees are almost bare and the night is arriving earlier and earlier.
The weather is changing and winter is fast approaching. We did have a bit of an Indian Summer today though and enjoyed a visit to the park. Smudge was very happy about that.
Seems like it was Grandpa's Day at the park today. AC and this other Grandpa spent a lot of time pushing the grandkids on the swings...
then helping them on the slides and climbing equipment
Smudge still doesn't feel safe on the slide so she always asks for a hand to hold before the descent. Buppa is more than happy to oblige. Amma sits on the park bench and takes lots of pics.


Bernie said...

These days in the park are a special memory for everyone.... I love how you are enjoying every age and stage of your grandchildren's life.....:-) hugs

Cuppa said...

Bernie - these days are fleeing but fun.