Saturday, November 21, 2009

After the Hair Cut

Oh dear! Mommy was running late, and didn't get to the salon until after the haircut, and Smudge was trying out the rest of the car/chairs.
Jboy looks a bit discombobulated doesn't he? I think he was napping in the car.
Oh, that's better now Mommy has adjusted the hat.
We took the hat off and then it was time for Jboy to play with the toys while Smudge continued to ride cars and Mommy shopped.
He didn't move from this spot and seemed quite happy to stay put.
All in all the experience at Goober's was terrific and I would highly recommend it for a kid's haircut.


Bernie said...

He is a cutie pututie for sure, your daughter looks like you...Hugs

Anonymous said...

A regular entertainment center.