Friday, November 13, 2009

Zeus - King of the Dogs

All day long I have been pining for the past.
That's when the big dog, Luke, breathed at my side.
Then she dashed away then she returned
in and out of the swales, in and out of the creeks,
her dark eyes snapping.
Then she broke, slowly,
in the rising arc of a fever.

And now she's nothing,
except for mornings when I take a handful of words
and throw them into the air
so that she dashes up again out of the darkness,

like this-

this is the world."

from The Leaf and The Cloud
by Mary Oliver
Zeus is my sister's dog but the whole family loved him dearly and we ache today from the loss of him.
We will miss you Zeus, but sweet memories of you will be under every tree at Riverwood and will accompany us along each path.
You were indeed King of the Dogs. Rest in peace old buddy!


Anvilcloud said...

Very touching, definitely causing a sniff or two.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful tribute to a loved companion. Tears are being shed all over Ontario in your honour Zeus.

- Krista

Mary said...

Your latest posts about Zeus are so sweet. Thanks for all the pictures and the lovely poetry.