Friday, November 27, 2009

More library pictures

Seeing as I was in bed with this blankety-blank cold for most of the week, my camera has been gathering dust. I did have more pics of our trip to the library last week though, so thought I would post these for you to enjoy. Grandmas can never have too many pics of the Grandkids.

Smudge moved from the table to the floor with her books, and was quite comfy down there too. She soon moved back to the table though when she heard another Grandma reading to her Grand-daughter. She joined the group and made a new friend.
Jboy in the meantime was exploring on his own.

Big Sister came over to see what he was up to...
and then was on her way again.


Jinksy said...

You're never too young to be a bookworm...

Bernie said...

Don't you just love the story book center of the are adorable....:-) Hugs

Mary said...

just wanted to send a little message saying that i'm loving all the pictures you've been posting lately.

hope you have a fantastic early holiday weekend.

merry (early) christmas. can't wait to see the pics.

love to you all.