Thursday, November 05, 2009

Getting a whole new view on the world

This is one of Jboy's favorite things to do. Play Peek-a-boo. In this pic Daddy is holding him and hiding in the hallway with him. He pokes his head around the corner and we all say "Peek". It looks so funny to see his head coming around the corner at this angle, and he laughs heartily every time Daddy does this with him.
Smudge decided to get a whole new view of the world too. She wondered what it would be like to be in the playpen looking out. We made a little tent for her and she spent quite a long time in there playing with her stuffed animals, then coming up for air every now and then.
We thought it was quite funny to see Jboy out and about and Smudge in the pen.

The poor little mite had a reaction to the flu shot yesterday and had a rather rough day. Her temp spiked to 103/104 last night and we were all quite worried, but it is down this morning and she is on the mend. Whew! We were all set to head over to the kid's house at a moment's notice last night to watch Jboy if they had to take Smudge to the ER, but her temp went down after some meds and all is well. One more hurdle cleared successfully in the run to keep these kids healthy and safe this winter.


Anonymous said...

Oh I know you were worried. I would have been too. But it is kinda normal to have that sometime. Kids bounce back and forth so fast with illness it keeps you on your toes.

Lorna said...

Glad that Smudge is better; high temps are so frightening.

Cuppa said...

QMMM - They sure do bounce back quickly don't they? She was bright and more like her old self yesterday. Certainly not 100%, but getting there. Thank goodness. Did you hear our BIG sigh of relief?

Lorna - me too. We sure were frightened because it seems like we have a very small window to react with this H1N1 blighter. Another little baby died last night in London On from this virus. My heart aches for the family!

Onward and forward in our fight to keep our little family safe this winter.

Bernie said...

Children's temperature spike and then break so easily but when it's your child it is scary for sure. They both are so cute and I am so glad smudge is better.......:-)Hugs

Cuppa said...

Bernie - We are rejoicing too. If it hadn't been quite so close to her getting the H1N1 shot it wouldn't have been quite so scary. We were on pins and needles until her temp broke.