Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's the latest, it's the greatest - it's the LIBRARY!

After Smudge's hair appointment last week, we packed up the kids and took them both to the library, then toddled over to Swiss Chalet for a Festive Special for lunch. Yum! I had these great pics to post of our trip to the library, but have been too bleary-eyed and groggy with this dab-blasted cold to sort through them or post much of anything for the past couple of days. I am feeling better today though, so here they are. My eyes are open and my head is clearing, so full health is just around the corner. Yahoo! The A-Team comes home from Vancouver for an early Christmas celebration this weekend, so I am very happy to be on the road to recovery and have the worst of this nasty cold behind me.

Smudge has been to the library with us a number of times, and has even started to ask to go there almost every time we get in the car now. Here she is sharing a Toopy and Bino story with Mommy.
Cute huh?
On our first few visits to the library with Smudge she would spend most of her time running around, but she is now sitting quietly and actually looking at the books. Oh joy!
Jboy is now getting into the act...
and seems quite at home at the library too.

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Bernie said...

So happy you are feeling better, and seeing smudge with her beautiful smile again is wonderful, well now Jboy is just all handsome boy.....:-) Hugs