Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Walk at the Mill

On the weekend we were treated to a nice sunny day, so decided to take Smudge for a walk in the park. Here she is heading into the forest with Buppa.
Amma soon took hold of the reigns while Smudge checked out the leaves and twigs on the ground.
She lead Buppa on a merry chase through the brush and brambles too...
then walked along the path with Amma again.
We found this old house in the woods and had to investigate throughly.
Then it was out to the road to head back to the car again. Smudge had to stop and touch all the nails in the gate and count the reflectors embedded in the wood.
Goodness, now she had to help Buppa up the hill.
On the way out Buppa and Amma went around the gate, but Smudge had to go under it. It was much more fun that way.
She met Buppa on the other side and walked with him to the car.
It sure was nice to walk in the sunshine and enjoy a beautiful fall day together. Hope we have lots more of these days in November before winter sets in for the long haul.


Lorna said...

You almost made me want to go out---I resisted though and am going back to my book.

Cuppa said...

Lorna - Oh com'on! It might be raining tomorrow. You'll be glad you did. Honest!

Anonymous said...

I agree I hope we have some sunny days too. I can take the cold if the sun shines.