Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dragon Balll 2015 - Sunday morning

Ah, Sunday morning, the relaxin' side of the Dragon Ball.  Time to gather together in the old farmhouse and sift through the memories of yesterday's fun. 
Frances and Gemma shared some quiet time in the porch.  I think Gemma is munching on Cherrios.
The boys got together on the couch in the kitchen.
The menfolk got busy in the kitchen making a big breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and bacon.  Yum!
After breakfast some of us needed to catch up on our sleep after such a hectic day yesterday.
As we moved into the rest of the day, we made the most of those last few moments together.
Lots of hugs were given all around
Life IS beauty'Full indeed.

Already looking for the next adventure.
So, that's it folks. After breakfast, families started to pack up for the trip home again.  By early afternoon the Dundas branch of the family was on the road, and the Kingston and Ajax branches soon followed. We stayed until the next morning, but were on the road  bright and early. 

It was a fun and fabulous weekend, but I needed to go home for a long,long nap by Monday morning!

I will sort through the rest of my pictures, and maybe post a blog with a few odds and ends tomorrow. 

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MARY G said...

More photos! What a great idea and great weekend.