Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dragon Ball 2015 - Day 1 is drawing to a close

Tents are up, so now it is time to explore and play.
Ben strung rope up in an old tree to make it easier for JJ and Jyn to climb the tree, and swing from the rope.  The boys spent hours out and around this old tree.  Thanks Uncle Ben.
Danica soon joined in the fun.  She didn't do any climbing but she did have fun adding water to a little dip in the earth so they could make magic potions and other interesting things from the  mud.
While the kids played outside Heather worked on the dragon costume for the Grand Finale at the Talent show on Saturday.   I don't know how she does it.  She sees something in her head, and she makes it happen.  Yes, she did all the artwork on this!   Not only did she design and make this head, she made a dragon body costume for the whole family to carry over their heads and dance under at the end of the talent show.   The body was at least 20' long. 
While Heather was sewing, Brain was cooking up grub to feed the hungry hoards of dragons

Another piece of artwork awaiting a place to hang in the Playner-Mill

We arrived at the farm on Wednesday, and the rest of the guests didn't arrive until Friday, so the kids had lots of time to play and explore before the official activities began.
Lots of tents set up, and the campfire is blazing in preparation for our marshmallow roast.
Finally, time to relax and sit for a while.
Messy but good

A little bit burnt on one side, but still delicious.
And so ended the first day of our adventure.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring. 


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