Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Adventure at Blakeney

One day at the beginning of the summer holidays we joined the kids for a picnic at Blakeney.  It was a hot day, but the bugs seemed to be sleeping, so we enjoyed an adventurous walk in the woods.
The kids were more than ready for a good time.
After lunch of delicious peanut butter and jam sandwiches we were ready to head into the woods.
At the end of the path we came to the water's edge again but were way up on a cliff edge.

We found a path down, and the kids had fun throwing rocks into the water while Mom and I looked on.
I needed a rest at the bottom of the hill to prepare for the climb back up,  Note to self....wear different sandals the next time we go for a hike in the woods. 

I waited for the kids at the top of the next hill while they went down to explore.
We then came back to the park entrance and spent time sitting by the water there. It was really shallow, but rocky with lots of rapids.
Lots to see and do.
Making a wish with a large dandelion they found.
Striking a pose
Having a blast

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MARY G said...

I see what you mean about the sandals. I would also have required a walking stick, myself.
Lovely photos and what looks like a fine time. Grandkid was with us on Sunday with mom and aunt and I was called in to photograph an especially large and warty toad that they found in the woodpile. And stowed in my Croc until ready to post.
Note to self: rinse toad pee out of Croc.
Grandkids are wonderful.