Monday, September 13, 2010

Music Box Dancers

We turned music on at the kid's place the other day, and as soon as "Music Box Dancer" started to play, both kids wanted to be ballerinas. We went to the closet to find a ballerina outfit for Smudge, and Jboy wanted one too. Here he is showing Buppa the grand and glorious outfit he picked out.
He seems quite pleased with himself doesn't he?
Smudge chose an more subdued outfit, but she liked it because it had a long skirt.
Here they are trying to see themselves in a little mirror that Buppa is holding in his hand.
Amma thought she would get into the act when Jboy shed the skirt.
But then Jboy thought he would give the skirt a whirl as headgear too.

Oh my, they do keep up busy and entertained.


Lorna said...

I think I have a photo of Sarah my second daughter in a tutu at 2 or so, and with a tutu on her head as the mother of aspiring ballerinas. It just doesn't get old.

Doris said...

Charming pictures! :-)