Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Whirlwind visit to Peterborough, Ajax, Dundas, Guelph 2014 - 1st stop - Peterborough

Whew!  We are back home after our whirlwind trip to visit family in the Toronto area, and we are more than a tad road weary I must say.  We did want to get these visits in before the snow started to fly, so we made plans to make lots of stops along the way, and set off at the end of last week. 

I was not happy when the temperatures soared up into the 30's last week when I was trying to plan clothes and pack for our trip.   Sheesh, I was melting.  We had frost at the beginning of the week, so we had the furnace on, but by Thursday it was hot and humid.  Crazy, crazy, crazy weather.   I had to hunt around for summer tops to pack in with the sweaters and warm socks.  Glad I took plenty of clothes with me, as it turned darned cold while we were there and I needed warm snuggies for the trip home.

It was pouring rain on the morning of our departure, but it let up by the afternoon, so we were able to pack the car without getting drenched, and we enjoyed a storm free drive along the highway.  Lots of trees were still all decked out in their autumn colours, so it was a most enjoyable part of the journey.   

We arrived at our first destination late afternoon, and it was so nice to settle in on the comfy couch and relax with a glass of wine while we caught up on all the news of the Peterborough branch of the family. 
This was the view across the room from my spot on the couch in Peterborough.  Pretty huh? 
View the next morning from the window in the breakfast nook.  We enjoyed  it along with our blueberry pancakes, fresh maple syrup and steaming coffee.   Yum, yum, yum!
My brother having a heart-to-heart with his dogs.  I think it might have been time for their walk.

On the afternoon of our second day in Peterborough, the guys went on a photo shoot, while the girls went shopping.  I think we had more fun than the guys, but that isn't the way they would tell the story. 
Larry climbed over the fence to get a good shot of the water.
I love this shot John got of driftwood in the water. 
So, our first stop was very relaxing.  We set off mid afternoon on Friday for our next stop....Ajax.  Stay tuned....

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