Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dundas Meeting of the Dragon Society Tea Party - 3rd stop on our Whirlwind tour

Saturday was the big day for the meeting of the Dundas Chapter of the Dragon Tea Society. A good time was had by all. 
Here we see the Dragon Mistress beside the tea table with all her dragons right by her shoulder.

The Dragon Mistress's Mommy certainly prepared a lot of delicacies for the party.  We had mini quiches, fancy sandwiches, lemon tarts, scones with lemon curd and Devon cream, and English Rose tea.
The Dragon Mistress consented to join the old  Great-Aunties for a picture
And then Mommy joined us too.
Doesn't it all look delicious?  It was!
Brian was the hero of the day, as he chauffeured us from Ajax to Dundas through the heavy traffic on the 401 and the QEW.  Three cheers for Brian!
The Dragon Mistress got a new book on how to draw dragons from Great-Auntie Heather, and she was lost in it as soon as she opened it.
Great-Uncle Brian decided to stretch his back before starting the long drive home.  The Dragon Mistress's dog decided to add his own special touch of physical therapy.
Great-uncle John got a snuggle at the end of the day.   
So, the Dundas chapter of the Dragon Society Tea was a huge success.  Next year....a Dragon Ball at Riverwood.  Oh, that does sound like fun. See you there.


Anonymous said...

Aww--thank you for posting the pictures! Even if I do look like a psychotic dragon lady myself. I should learn that the humongous toothy grins are not a good look for photography. Oh well.

The pictures are fantastic and I'm so glad you all came and had so much fun. :) Frances has finished the first dragon and sketched out the second; I'll send them on when I get a moment with my scanner.

Dogman said...

I am the dogman!

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