Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Whirlwind visit to Peterborough, Ajax, Dundas, Guelph - 2014 - 2nd stop - Ajax

We left Peterborough after lunch on Friday and made tracks for Ajax.  It was only 45 minute drive but it was rather harrowing once we got on Hwy 401.  The Friday afternoon traffic was heavy, and more than a tad overwhelming for these small town folks. We arrived at our destination rather frazzled, but in one piece and sort of sane....I think. 

We used to drive the 401 corridor all the time when we travelled back and forth from Sarnia to Ottawa, but we haven't done it for 10 years now, and boy oh boy, have things changed... both the highway conditions, and us!

After we were fought with the traffic and felt jostled to our cores, we pulled into the driveway in Ajax, and were more than happy to park the car for the rest of the weekend.  Brian and Heather kindly offered to chauffeur us around on the next outings, as Toronto traffic was old hat to them, and we gladly accepted their offer.

Brian greeted us at the door, and after hugs and hellos, fresh coffee was made and he ushered us to the back room where we settled into the comfy couches there.  With coffee in hand, and munchies close by we talked the rest of the afternoon away.  By the time Heather got home from work, my traffic ruffled nerves were back under control and we enjoyed a quiet evening together.

When I walked past the living room on the way to the sun room at the back of the house, this bright table in the living room caught my eye, and I had to stop for a picture.
My sister found this old table at the Goodwill store.  She painted the frame a bright red, then she took the glass out of the middle of it, and replaced it with a piece of wood she painted with chalkboard paint.   The message in the centre of the table changes to suit any occasion.   
Tomorrow...Dragon Tea Party in Dundas.....

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