Saturday, October 04, 2014

My most amazing sister - Part II

When my sister visited last winter I was very impressed with her journal, and I shared a few pictures here.
This past weekend I picked up her journal again, and continued to be amazed.  Al I can say is I want a copy of my own.  It is the most amazing artistic book I have ever seen.  It is full of quotes, lists, lessons, encouragements and spirit lifting thoughts.  It is a book you could pick up every day, many times every day, and never see the same thing twice. I think she could get it published, and it would be a best seller as the most unique art book and inspirational journal ever put on the store shelves.

Here are just a few samples of some of her pages.  She is nearing the end of the year, so she has almost 52 of these masterpieces.  Enjoy.
She completes a two page work-of-art  in one week.  The pictures, quotes and other entries pertain to what is happening in her life that week.
With each turn of the page there is another treasure for the eyes.

The tiny printing is as amazing as the artwork.

I think this is a page from the week we went to Celtfest, and we danced on the grass in the park.  Dance, dance, dance!
My sister gave me a blank journal  and some coloured markers when she was here in February, but I picked it up tentatively as I needed to get her masterpiece out of my head before I attempted to create one of my own.  I might share a few pages at some future time, but it is still a work in progress, and I am struggling to discover how to put my own personal touches in it.  I am still at the starting gate, and she is an old pro. I want a copy of  her journal to inspire and entertain me every morning.  If you are a publisher out there...this is your million dollar opportunity!!!!!


Regenia said...

Oh my goodness Sue! Your sister needs to share this and the story about Grandma's purse. On one of her pages she has a quote from Pablo Picasso saying we need to find our talent in life and give it away. She needs to share this with more than family. What a treasure that can add hope and encouragement and color to someone's day! Also, on one of her pages she had a quote that asserts giving and receiving compassion is the measure of the success of our lives. Her story and one of her journals could easily be a form of compassion to a hurting heart.

Regenia said...

One other thought. The fact that this is done on a "regular"calendar / journal is perfect. She takes the ordinary and makes it EXTRAordinary!! Love the symbolism.

Regenia said...

Okay, yet another comment. Knowing the inspiration for a drawing adds to my appreciation. I especially love the dancers. Wow! But knowing it illustrates a fun day your sister had with family shows how to take a good memory and hang on to it; how to recognize and really treasure the important, doesn't it? Love it all!

Cuppa said...

Regenia - I feel your excitement, and I am on the same wave length. It is amazing isn't it? Every picture has meaning. It relates to what she went through that week. The quotes, pictures, lists all meant something to her and gave her guidance and wisdom to handle that week in her life.

Hilary said...

Oh wow.. your sister is brilliantly creative. I'm so impressed!

Bernie said...

Sue I love this. Such a beautiful journal and it appears to be filled with much love and spirit. I would love one of these, she should publish. Much love, xo

Cuppa said...

Hilary - Yes she is brilliantly creative - writing, drawing, decorating - creativity just oozes out of her.

Bernie - Glad you stopped by for a visit. If she ever gets it published I'll put your name on the list for one. If a publisher would just look at her work it would be a best seller...I live in hope.

Anvilcloud said...

I can't remember if you FB-ed this. Has Heather seen it? I think we need to adjust your widths some more.

MARY G said...

Your sister is talented, creative and an old soul.
So are you. I know at least one of your talents - you produce lovely events full of love and excitement.

If you were to do a journal, I could see it as a celebration of your planning, preparing and sharing. An elaboration of the Dragon Tea email string, for a start. With any size of margin.

Cuppa said...

Mary - thanks for the kind words. You are an encourager.