Thursday, October 02, 2014

This and that and a nice surprise at Riverwood

When we visit the farm, we are usually given the bedroom on the main floor, as the old narrow staircase leading up to the bedrooms on the second floor is hard for AC to navigate with his sore ankle.  Upstairs we have The Angel Room, and The Princess Room.  Each decorated accordingly and beautifully.

The bedroom on the main floor was decorated in earth tones and given a western/cowboy theme as it was designated as Ben's bedroom when he was younger.   Imagine my surprise when we walked into the bedroom for this visit and found it all redecorated in blue and white.  What a transformation.  The room seemed twice as big, and so light and airy. 
This delightful collection was on a shelf above the bed. 

The beds were loaded with lots of fluffy pillows and blankets

I loved the list of Riverwood Rules posted on this unique chalkboard on the dresser.  Notice the piece of chalk beside it to add more of your own rules.
Don't know if my sister made this or purchased it, but I loved it.  I think it is an old hinged corner shelf.  It is now hung flat on the wall and has old hooks, hinges and decorative doorknobs placed all over it.  It was the perfect spot to hang my hat, sweater or nightgown. 


Regenia said...

This must be the sister that wrote the book? I assume she decorated the room? You can see her sense of design. It is a beautifully relaxing room! What were the rules?

Regenia said...

And does this newly transformed room now have a name like the upstairs bedrooms?

Regenia said...
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Regenia said...

Having trouble leaving comments this morning! First my comments would not publish and then it duplicated?! Oh well...

Cuppa said...

Regenia - yes, this is the sister that wrote the Grandma's Purse book. She is sooo talented. I have some pictures of her journal to share in an upcoming blog. I want her to make a copy of the journal for me to read every morning. Every time I pick it up I see something else to read or just look at and be amazed.

This downstairs bedroom doesn't have a name yet. I used to be the Western or Cowboy Room, but this blue and white version should be called the Bridal Suite, or Sea and Cloud. I must ask her about the name next time I see her.

I wish I had taken a picture of the ceiling too. Next time I will. She didn't like the old tiles on the ceiling, so she cut out squares of embossed wallpaper, glued one square in the centre of each tile, then painted the ceiling white. It looks like an old punched tin ceiling now.

I don't know how many hours it took her to cut out the squares of wallpaper, but it must have been many, many, many, as each square has a decorative edge. Then gluing them precisely in the middle of each tile on the ceiling must have thrown her neck and back into spasms. She is an amazing girl.

The RW rules are written on the chalkboard on the dresser. Look closely and you will be able to see them. There was a piece of chalk beside the board too add more.

Hilary said...

Your sister has quite the flair. I'm so glad that you and AC had what was probably the best weather all year for your time at the cottage. I'm sorry we weren't able to get together as we'd hoped but there's always next time. :)

Regenia said...

Once I enlarged the picture I was able to see the rules. Good ones, certainly! I like "Sea and Cloud"; seems to perfectly describe what I'm seeing! Sounds and looks like your sister's artistic talent knows no limit. I'll look forward to seeing that ceiling.