Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Hijinks and cousin fun at Riverwood

We just got back from our fall holiday at Riverwood, and we enjoyed a special treat this year.  Shauna came up for the weekend with the kids, and Heather and Brian brought Jyn along for the weekend too.  The cousins got along famously and made lots of special memories of time spent at the farm.
JJ and Jyn, went on lots of nature walks and collected bugs in the little container JJ is holding; gathered wood, sticks and rocks and made a fort of sorts; had many a battle with the "bad guys" and spread milkweed pods everywhere.  .  We told them they could wander anywhere they wanted to as long as they stayed away from the river, and could see the house.  They soon went out the door, and we didn't see them for hours.  We could hear them laughing and giggling so knew they weren't far away.
Some time was spent indoors too, with transformers.  Jyn is blurry in this pic because neither child kept still for very long.
They stopped now an again for food, but were soon on the go again.  Poor JJ got the little chair at this meal.  Next time he would get a higher one. 
Cute picture of the gang, but where do you think they are?
On top of the old van parked by the shed.  They thought it was great fun to play inside it with all the doors open, climb on the roof, or dance on the hood.
Up, down, up, down, bounce, bounce, bounce.  Total fun before the old van is carted off to the scrap dealer.
We had sunshine and blue skies for the whole visit to Riverwood, and record breaking high temps.  I had far too many sweaters with me, and not enough shorts and T's.  It was so cold before we left that we had to turn the furnace on, but summer returned once we reached the farm.  Next time I take summer clothes with me!


Regenia said...

Bugs and sticks and a fort to defend from bad guys? Could there be a better weekend EVER?! I love hearing kids giggling. From my perspective even the most beautiful music can't compare. I'm sure all of it made for a wonderful weekend for you as well!

Anonymous said...

You certainly picked the right weekend for it, weather-wise. It was gorgeous outside.

Sounds like a fabulous weekend. :)