Friday, October 03, 2014

Autumn colours at Riverwood

One of the best parts of an autumn holiday at the farm is the colours all along the route.  We traveled a bit earlier than normal this year, and the trees were just starting to put on their Autumn finery. 
On our first trip to Apsley to pick up some groceries we stopped at Mill Creek to take some pics, and as you can see,  colour was scarce.
It was still a pretty spot to stop and take some pics though.

The deeper we got into the woods the more colour we found.
This was a typical sight for me from the car window.  AC traipsing back to the car with his hat all askew, whilst carrying his camera and tripod.   I would also leave the car to take a pic or two, but gave up long before he did, and would sit patiently waiting for him in the car. 

As the week progressed the colour got better and better.  I'll let the next few pictures speak for themselves.


Regenia said...

Beautiful! Seems as if I can smell the fresh air and feel the sun touching my face.

Cuppa said...

Regenia - me too. It is the most beautiful area of the country to visit in autumn.
Be sure to check out my blog tomorrow, as I will post some of my sister's artwork. She is one talented gal.

Hilary said...

You were here for the perfect week... summer temperatures and autumn colours. It's amazing how very quickly the leaves progressed in that time. We're a tad beyond peak in Maynooth, now.