Thursday, October 30, 2014

Being silly at Riverwood - 2014

The kids came up to join us at the farm for one weekend while we were there. Silliness did abound.
The kids found a silver hair brush on the dresser in the Princess Room, so they decided to give us all beauty treatments before bed one night.  JJ is wielding the brush in this pic, and Dani is giving Buppa  a head massage. 

Next it is my turn for a new hairdo.

Once everyone had their locks in order, it was time for a bedtime story.  We didn't have any books, so Buppa told the kids a story about a time when he was a boy.  They loved it.
In spite of a late night, both kids were up with the birds the next morning.  We wrapped them in blankets and gave them each a tablet to play quietly on while the rest of the house tried to get a few more winks of sleep. 

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