Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Out and about around Riverwood - 2014

Pictures at and around RW.
Raspberry Hill Gate.  Just beyond this gate raspberry bushes flourish, and we can pick the delicious fruit on our way down the path to the Playner Mill. 

This is  part of the path that continues on the other side of Raspberry Hill Gate.  Wish I was there this morning.
One afternoon we took a drive along a back road near the farm, and found this delightful scene.
When we looked to the left of the scene above we saw this road sign.  We didn't go down the road, but must  try it next time.  

Riverwood in the morning mist.
Another morning mist picture
This is one of my favorite spots to visit while at Riverwood.  She has an eclectic selection of items, but my favorite is the estate jewellery. Oh such treasures!
South road leading to the Gut conservation area

The swimming hole at Riverwood. 
Glen Alda road just around the corner from the farm.


Hilary said...

Beautiful.. beautiful! I will have to check Ormsby out sometime. That shop looks like fun.

My friend and I planned to visit The Gut last week but we opted to hike around Silent Lake instead.

Cuppa said...

Hilary - You will love the Old Hastings Gallery. Well worth the trip down from Bancroft. The old house is full to the brim with a fabulous variety of clothes, jewellery, books, garden treasures, and so much more. She even has a Christmas Room.
I am not sure about her hours after Thanksgiving, so be sure to check if they are open if you head down between now and Christmas.

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