Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sensitive soul - a re-post

Well, I am all out of pictures of the munchkins, so no update on the kids today.  Sigh!  However, the blog I posted yesterday did spark a memory of Danica's caring soul, and I thought it was worth a second look, so here is a link to it.  Sensitive Soul  

We are still fighting cough and cold germs here at our house this week, but they are on the run, so we should be ready to roam next week.  Yahoo.  Looking forward to a fall colour tour through the hills and dales of Ontario, and a stay at Riverwood.  The colour should be spectacular by then.  I am sure we will both have lots of pictures to post when we get home. 

Talk to you again when we get home.

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Regenia said...

I did go back to read the September and October 2012 posts. What a caring little heart crying for loved ones she did not know and for the family who missed them! If only more of us had even a fraction of that kind of compassion!

Her sensitivity was also apparent when she had her lemonade stand. Such a sweet and open heart.