Friday, September 06, 2013

Fun in the pool

Here are some left-over pictures from our last week of babysitting. The kids sure had fun in the pool almost every day we had them this summer.
JJ made great strides, and jumped in with abandon every chance he got.  By the end of the summer he was swimming all the way across the pool and back.  He made sure Buppa was close by just in case he needed help, but he made it just fine all by himself.   Danica's front float improved a lot over the summer too, and she started to swim on top of the water instead of under it. 
JJ loved it when Buppa tossed him in the air from the middle of the pool so he could swim towards the ladder.

There was no stopping him.  He no sooner got out of the pool, when he was jumping in again.
Working on the dog paddle.
Lots of laughter was shared
A splashing good time


Regenia said...

How touching that JJ could jump off with complete abandon because he knew his grandpa was there, just in case. I wish all kids had the kind of love and security that your two little ones do. As grandparents the two of you should feel so good about what you did for your sweethearts this summer and during those preschool years.

Lorna said...

Regenia said it all. XX