Saturday, September 14, 2013

Buppa's Birthday Breakfast

We gave Buppa the choice, going out for breakfast, or having a big breakfast at home for his BD. He chose to stay at home and even help cook.  
The whole family got involved, and everyone was happy to help.  Mommy and the kids kept Buppa on task in the kitchen, while Daddy cooked bacon out on the BBQ.  Of course Amma manned the camera.

Happy little helper did a good job with the eggs.

Danica took time out to take a picture of Amma helping JJ set the table.
Time for snuggles on the deck while the finishing touches were being added to the breakfast.
Still enough room on my lap for this growing girl. She sure is getting tall.
MMMMM, time for cake and ice cream.  Danica was the only one ready for the camera here, and she looks so cute I just had to use this pic.
That's better of Buppa and the girl
JJ was being a rascal, and got his fingers in the icing many times before we could stop him


Regenia said...

Looks like staying home resulted in extra fun for everyone. I hope he had a happy birthday. It got off to a wonderful start it seems.

em said...

Happy Birthday. It's my birthday, too.