Monday, September 16, 2013

JJ's off to school

I know that AC has already posted most of these pictures, but I have them in my file, so here they are again.  It has been an absolute delight, and, an absolute challenge to provide daycare for two munchkins for the past six years.  So, I waved JJ off to school last week with mostly joy but a tinge of sorrow was mixed in with the joy when I realized how fast the time was flying by and the kids were growing up and away from us faster than the speed of light.        
We had lots of fun with the little guy especially this past year when we had him on his own.  
He is such a unique child, and helped us see the world through his eyes many times this past year, and it was a very special world.  Oh the memories we have stored up to bring us smiles  during the years to come. 

He has an invisible friend called KK, who sits under the table at lunch time, and plays tricks on us.  KK was a rascal at times, and I am sure I will look for him under the table whenever JJ visits in the future.

He is the most observant child I have ever known.  When we are out driving he sees animals in the clouds, figures in electrical towers, super heroes in other cars, dragon footprints in the mud beside the sidewalk when we are out for a walk, and remembers all these things long after he first saw them. 

He is a great little shopper, and actually helps me in my hunt for things in the store. Most children run a bit wild in stores and want to touch everything and get into things.  Not JJ, he shopped with me and helped me find what I was looking for.  I would tell him if I was looking for a red top, or sparkly one; a big purse, or little one; a silver box or gold one etc.  He would take the challenge and enjoy the hunt in each and every store.  I will miss my little shopper.

He can act the clown with his sister...
...but be an obedient little kid when out with Amma and Buppa.
Thanks for the fun times JJ.  We hope you have a spectacular year at school.


Regenia said...

Oh! What fun to hear about his invisible friend and his imagination! Did the KK mean anything or was it just because he was JJ?

Cuppa said...

Regenia - I think it was just because he is JJ, so his friend is KK. KK sometimes wears a purple coat, so if we happen to see a purple coat floating by, we are not to worry, it is just KK out for a romp.

One day when we returned from a walk, JJ pretended that we went into the wrong house. It was exactly like the right house, but it was his cousin Huxley's house, not ours. The game went on all during lunch time and beyond. How amazing that Huxley had dishes just like ours, and a kitchen just like ours, and furniture just like ours...on and on it went. I played along, but AC thought I was aiding and abetting crazy behavior.
It was a pretty memorable lunch time I must say. Yes JJ, has an amazing imagination, and I love to play in it too.

Regenia said...

Absolutely LOVE it! I have often wondered if kids use their imaginations as much as they once did, now that toys are so sophisticated and there are computers. One of my favorite colors is purple so I like KK's sense of style.