Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Father Goose

Yes, that is the name that always came to mind when I saw Buppa, aka Father Goose, shepherding the kids on any adventure.  He was always close by when the kids needed a helping hand.  I would sit in the shade with the camera, and he would be out in the blazing sun pushing a swing, or lifting them onto a piece of equipment. 
Take me over there Buppa.
See, this one.  Can you lift me up there so I can swing on those chains?  They got a boost up, but neither of them could hold on long enough for me to get a good pic.. 
They soon moved over to the easier climbing equipment, but JJ wanted Buppa to keep a close eye on him.
Then it was off to see if he could conquer another climber.  This was a common sight.  Kids leading on, with Buppa following close behind.  Father Goose on the job.
JJ was lifted up, hung free for a few seconds...
Tried a different position...
And felt quite pleased with himself...that he could do it with just a little help from Buppa.


Regenia said...

Did all three require a little rest period after all that playing?

Anvilcloud said...

Too bad Father Goose can't stand on one foot.

Cuppa said...

Regenia - Yes, we all went home for quiet rest time. The kids don't have to sleep during quiet rest time, but they do have to stay on their beds and play quietly....while we nap!

AC - you do make me laugh!